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Advocacy - How You Can Help

Of the estimated 1 percent of the world's population stricken with bipolar disorder, most remain significantly disabled throughout adulthood.

Given the continuing difficulties in getting treatment and other assistance for people with bipolar disorder, the persistent misunderstandings about bipolar in the general public, and the often cruel and unusual injustices that befall them - people with bipolar disorder need as much assistance as you can give.

Perhaps the most tireless example of advocacy for the mentally ill was demonstrated by Dorothea Dix, who (for over 30 years) visited jails and workhouses to identify the mentally ill and get them improved treatment, and testified before state legislatures persistently and tirelessly to get them to build additional state hospitals so that the mentally ill could be treated better. Sadly, thing seem to have regressed in some ways since the late 1800s - we again (in the US) have more mentally ill in jails than in psychiatric hospitals.

Following is a short list of writings and audio recordings that outline some of the key issues facing people with bipolar disorder - and how you might help resolve them. We encourage you to join in the battle against this devastating disease and the continuing injustices forced upon the people who suffer from it.

Advocacy groups to work with:

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