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Dear Abby, Dear Abby

Actually, it's from Ann Landers, her sister. The column had a question which related to manic depression. (2-16-96, Denver Post):

Dear Ann Landers: I am a college-educated man who works in the building trades. I would like your honest opinion on suicide. I am considering it. In spite of my incredibly tortured life, I have a good wife and two lovely children. I have suffered through years of manic-depression, or as the modern medical community prefers to call it, "bipolar disorder."

It's a disease that puts its victims through hell and makes death look inviting. I have been to at least 20 psychologists, psychiatrists, priests and counselors, but after three or four weeks of feeling fairly normal, the depression returns with a vengeance.

I appear to be perfectly normal, but I agonize daily about my wish to die. I know this is a lot to lay on you, Ann, but with your many years of advice-giving, do you have any for me?--

Bill in Oregon

Dear Bill: You say you have been to dozens of psychologists and psychiatrists. Didn't any of them suggest that you take medication? There are a number of excellent anti-depressants on the market that help people like you.

I urge you to try the professionals again and take this column with you. Also, look into the National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association, 730 N. Franklin, Chicago, IL. 60610, 1-800-826-3632, and D/ART (Depression Awarenes, Recognition and Treatment Program), Room L., Rockville, MD, 20857. Good luck, Bill. Let me know you followed through.

I'm worried about you.

Modified December 26, 2002

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