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Books for Friends and Family

Books for family members of people with bipolar disorder

The Way Up From Down - by Priscilla Slagle -- Maintaining that depression is biochemically induced, temporary and treatable, Los Angeles psychiatrist Slagle presents a nutritional treatment utilizing amino acids and vitamin-mineral supplements that are available sans prescription in pharmacies and health-food stores.

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness - Kay Redfield Jamison, Random House, 1997 -- In Touched with Fire, Kay Redfield Jamison, a psychiatrist, turned a mirror on the creativity so often associated with mental illness. In this book she turns that mirror on herself. With breathtaking honesty she tells of her own manic depression, the bitter costs of her illness, and its paradoxical benefits: "There is a particular kind of pain, elation, loneliness and terror involved in this kind of madness.... It will never end, for madness carves its own reality." This is one of the best scientific autobiographies ever written, a combination of clarity, truth, and insight into human character. "We are all, as Byron put it, differently organized," Jamison writes. "We each move within the restraints of our temperament and live up only partially to its possibilities." Jamison's ability to live fully within her limitations is an inspiration to her fellow mortals, whatever our particular burdens may be. --Mary Ellen Curtin

A Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness - Patty Duke (Anna Pearce) and Gloria HochmanPublisher: Bantam Books; 1992. -- Patty Duke's very personal account of her struggle with manic-depression. Duke writes every other chapter, while Hochman writes about the more clinical aspects of manic-depression.

Overcoming Depression - Dimitri F. and Janice Papolos, Harper-Perennial; February 1, 1997 -- A bestselling classic in the field and the definitive book most recommended by doctors is now thoroughly updated and revised. This vital and accessible guide provides state-of-the-art medical information and solid practical advice for the millions who suffer from depression and manic depression and for their families.

The Quiet Room; A Journey Out of the Torment of Madness - Lori Schiller, Amanda Bennett, Warner Books, 1996 -- A first-hand account of schizophrenia, written by Schiller; chapters contributed by members of her family. Schiller has a dual diagnosis with bipolar disorder. To re-create Lori's harrowing story, coauthor Bennett drew on Lori's personal diaries as well as intimate interviews with relatives, friends, and doctors. Highly recommended.

Triumph Over Fear - Jerilynn Ross, Rosalynn Carter, Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1995 (paperback) -- Ross, president of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, combines her firsthand account of overcoming her own disabling phobia with inspiring case histories of recovery from other forms of anxiety, including panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The book includes the latest research on anxiety disorders in children, plus advice for dealing with family members and employers.

We Heard the Angels of Madness: One Family's Struggle with Manic Depression - Diane and Lisa Berger, Quill, 1992 -- Forwarded by Alexander Vuckovic, M.D. Written by a mother who had a son stricken by manic-depression at 19 and the rough road they walked to get him the help he needed.

When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness : A Handbook for Family, Friends, and Caregivers - Rebecca Woolis, J P Tarcher, 1992 -- An essential resource--featuring 50 proven Quick Reference guides--for the millions of parents, siblings, and friends of people with mental illness, as well as professionals in the field.

Books for and about children

The Bipolar Child : The Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most Misunderstood Disorder - Demitri Papolos, Janice Papolos, Tracy Behar (Editor). Broadway Books. 2000

Books for young adults:

The Tortured Mind : The Many Faces of Manic Depression ((Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders)) - Dan Harmon, Carol C. Nadelson (Editor). Chelsea House Pub (Library), May 1998.

Books for ages 9-12:

Depression & Mental Health (What Do You Know About) - Pete Sanders, Steve Myers, Mike Lacey (Illustrator), Alex Edmonds (Editor). Copper Beech Books, April 1998

First Came the Owl - Judith Benet Richardson, Bantam Books, January 1998 - Nita's won the role of Snow White in her fifth grade class play. But Nita's joy is overshadowed by her mother's hospitalization for depression after a recent trip to her homeland of Thailand. But during her performance, Nita forgets her troubles and pretends to be someone else for a few magical moments. And at home, while working on a report about Thailand, she learns about her heritage and understands more about her mother.

Know About Mental Illness - Margaret O. Hyde, Elizabeth H. Forsyth (Contributor), Walker & Co, June 1996. -- Describes the symptoms of some of the better-known illnesses, such as agoraphobia and anorexia, and covers schizophrenia and depression in separate chapters.

Books for ages 4-8:

Edgar Badger's Butterfly Day - Monica Kulling, Neecy Twinem (Illustrator). Mondo Pub, April 1999.

My Sister, Then and Now - Virginia L. Kroll, Mary Worchester (Illustrator). Carolrhoda Books, August 1992. -- Ten-year-old Rachael describes how her twenty-year-old sister's schizophrenia has affected the family and expresses her own feelings of sadness and anger.

Sad Days, Glad Days - Dewitt Hamilton, Gail Owens (Illustrator), Judith Mathews (Editor). Concept Books, April 1995. -- A sensitive bibliotherapeutic picture book about a child whose mother suffers from depression.

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