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Suicide & Suicide Prevention

Out of the Nightmare: Recovery From Depression And Suicidal Pain - David L. Conroy, PhD , New Liberty Press, 1991 -- This should be required reading for every suicidal person, therapist, counselor, friends and families of suicidal persons, and those left behind by the suicide of a loved one. It is non-technical but very comprehensive, and will almost surely help. - Paperback

Step Back from the Exit : 45 Reasons to Say No to Suicide - Jillayne Arena, Zebulon Press, April, 1996 -- Direct, practical, accepting, at times humorous--this book offers support for those facing the blind alleys, bottomless pits, and concrete barriers of life. When someone can't imagine one reason to say not to suicide, this book offers 45. - Paperback

Suicide: The Forever Decision - Paul G. Quinnett, PhD, Crossroads, 1992 -- for Those Thinking About Suicide, and for Those Who Know, Love, or Counsel Them - The author approaches the suicidal reader in a relaxed, conversational matter as if in live conversation. The reader is encouraged to examine the roots of suicidal thoughts in a down-to-earth matter.

Suicide: Why? - Adina Wrobleski, Afterwords Pub, 1994 -- 85 Questions and Answers About Suicide - Paperback

Waking Up, Alive : Life Lessons from Survivors of Suicide Attempts (cassette) - Richard A. Heckler, Sounds True -- Every year in the U.S., more than 30,000 people will commit suicide, while more than 5 million Americans will survive a suicide attempt.On this audio, Dr. Heckler breaks the taboo of silence surrounding this most personal of tragedies, while offering fascinating life lessons from 14 people who had sentenced themselves to death--and lived to tell about it. 2 cassettes.

Waking Up, Alive : The Descent, the Suicide Attempt, and the Return to Life - Richard A. Heckler, Ballentine Books, 1996 -- For the five million Americans who have attempted suicide--and their loved ones--this remarkable book demystifies the decision and documents the pattern of recovery for those who survive. "Brings compassionate light to a shadowy corner of our psyche."--Ram Dass.

Why Suicide? - Eric Marcus, Harpercollins, 1996 -- Answers to 200 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Suicide, Attempted Suicide, and Assisted Suicide. Eric Marcus offers honest, straightforward answers to all of the haunting questions that plague those who are left behind. Without moral judgment, Why Suicide? answers the questions readers have about this complex and painful issue.

Blameless - Barbara Shapiro, Avon, 3/95, A compelling new novel from the bestselling author of Shattered Echoes. A female therapist stands accused of the wrongful death of a former patient who committed suicide--after bequeathing his fortune to her--and is caught up in the tawdry world of media sensationalism. Original. - Paperback

Final Exit : The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying - Derek Humphrey, Dell Books, 1992, The phenomenal #1 New York Times Bestseller that has the world talking--a practical guide for the terminally ill to dying with dignity through assisted suicide. Finally available in paperback, this considerate book is for mature adults who are considering the option of ending their lives because of unbearable pain or terminal illness. (Medical) -

How to Help Someone Who is Depressed or Suicidal: Practical Suggestions from a survivor - John Cook, Rubicon Press, 1994, The author speaks from his own experience with depression and suicidal ideation. -

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