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Books about Autism/Asperger's

I have only recently learned enough about Autism to understand that affected individuals share some of the attributes of Bipolar and ADD. The most devastating of all seems to be that the Autistic can be *so* oversensitive to stimuli that s/he withdraws even from the gentlest human touch.
First of all, check out this book. I found it to be hope-inspiring after all the soul-sucking, negative books on the search for an autistic's Self.

Thinking in Pictures Dr. Temple Grandin has a PhD in Animal Husbandry and is deeply involved in ethical and humane treatment in the meat-producing industry. She also is autistic. In this, her autobiography, she gives us candid look into the mind of an autistic adult; but more than that she shows us how she used concrete symbols for dealing with growing up autistic and for coming to terms with the abstract complexities of life.

Modified November 18, 2005

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