August 27, 2004

Jane Pauley's New Book on Her Bipolar Disorder

New Autobiography by "Today Show" Host Jane Pauley...


The Hartford Courant reported today on Jane Pauley's new autobiography, including a lot of coverage of her bipolar disorder. The newspaper stated that:

"In the world of celebrities, if Pauley wants to write a book about herself, she darn well better be tormented by demons. And it turns out she is.

Pauley is now 53, not what they call young anymore in the youth-worshiping TV business. She's married to the handsome and similarly successful cartoonist Garry Trudeau, and they have three grown children who are also handsome and seem normal.

"Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue" (Random House, $25.95), which goes on sale today, has been hyped as Pauley's tale of her struggle with bipolar disorder, which she got as a result of steroids and antidepressants prescribed to combat a recurrence of hives.

Pauley writes, that she ended up in a psychiatric hospital because of the horrific mood swings the hives medication brought on."

The review of her book ends by stating that:

"Maybe it's impolite to compare, but if Pauley wanted to use her influence positively, she should have been like Katie Couric of "Today," who, after her husband's death, took on the cause of colon cancer with a vengeance.

Pauley's book takes us on an enjoyable ride, but in the end, it seems more hype than heart."


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