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September 21, 2004

New Book: Heather's Rage: A Mother's Chronicle of Daughter's Journey of Mental Illness

A new book has just been released on Bipolar Disorder - the story of a Mother's experience in getting treatment for her 10 year old daughter. Following is a quote from the book's press release:

"Imagine as a mother being forced to relinquish custody of your daughter in order for the child to receive the proper treatment for mental illness. That�s just what Omahan Leslie Byers did in 1996 when her daughter was 10 years old.

In her newly published book, �Heather�s Rage,� author Leslie Byers chronicles the years of frustration experienced as she and her husband struggled to find answers to their daughter�s manic-induced rages and suicidal depressions brought on by a mental illness called bipolar disorder. At the same time, Byers, an information technology consultant, and her husband had to cope with the challenges of getting help for their daughter, from working through the educational system to dealing with something that they least expected because of their daughter�s illness--the juvenile court system. Through it all, the Byers greatest agony came from being forced to give up custody of their little girl because they could not afford the proper treatment.

Byers' daughter finally received the right diagnosis and treatment she needed and today, she is living successfully with the disease. Byers wrote about her family�s story to help erase the stigma of mental illness, to create a better understanding of the disease, and to raise awareness that there needs to be better systems in place aimed at children for early detection and intervention.

�As the mother of a daughter who has struggled with mental illness for more than 16 years, I know first-hand the stigma and ignorance of mental illness and the challenges that families face as a result of that stigma,� said Byers. �I chose to write a book about how we overcame our challenges through faith and perseverance, recovered and healed as a family. I hope our story will replace ignorance of mental illness with understanding, and offer help, suggestions and inspiration for those in similar situations.�

To read a sample of Byers� �Heather�s Rage,� visit Brown Books� Web site at The book is available nationwide. If a local bookstore does not carry it, the book can be ordered online at or The paperback book is $14.95.


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