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September 15, 2004

Bipolar 1 Gene Search Intensifies

It was reported today that the Indiana University School of Medicine has embarked on a massive search to isolate the specific gene responsible for bipolar I disorder.

The School's Institute for Psychiatric Research is continuing a collaboration with the National Institute for Mental Health and 11 other U.S. academic centers. Their goal is to narrow the field from suspect areas of chromosomes to isolate genes that affect the mental health of thousands of Americans.

The Institute began the collaborative research 15 years ago and has successfully identified areas of genetic linkage on specific chromosomes. With new funding from the NIMH, the IU researches hope to hone in on the specific gene by collecting genetic information from 5,000 people with bipolar I disorder. This multi-center trial has received a five-year, $16 million NIMH grant.

Source: NIMH


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