December 12, 2004



Melissa,I am sorry to hear your words of pain. I too hear you loud and clear, TODAY! Strange that I would stumble upon your entry this aetnrfoon following my entry made this morning.You know what you need to do. At this point, writing is not enough. A good psych team would put you in the MHU as much to protect you from yourself as to aide you in achieving wellness.I know it sucks. Been there, hated it, survived it.You have been sliding slowly for a while now and no one wants to see you hit the bottom. For there is no return.Please, I beg of you to willingly admit yourself for treatment. You will get your silence. You will get your peace. You will get well a lot quicker.I live not too far from you and am willing to help all I can. You need children taken care of while Joel is at work? I am more than happy to.Even for a few hours, I understand this is all so overwhelming and scary but, you need to think of YOU.Please xxT

Posted by: Tirta at February 14, 2013 4:45 AM