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I am almost 65 years old. I am not on medication for bipolar disorder. I have service connected PTSD but the government says I only have bipolar, therefore they will not compensate me for my injuries. Two doctors took me off of Paxil because they said I did not have bipolar, but the Veterans Administration claims after 2 years of form filing, that I only have bipolar. How can I prove I don't have bipolar and get the VA to understand my situation?

Posted by: John Matthews at March 24, 2008 1:36 PM

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I dated a woman once who was bi-polar. Every time she went through a deievsspre stage I would hold her in my arms all night long and tell her everything was going to be ok. She would tell me about why she was sad and I would stay with her until it was over. One time I asked her what was wrong and she told me she didn't like her toothbrush. That was when I realized that she would never be better, that I couldn't take all her pain away, that I was helpless with her problems.Later, I went into healthcare. At one point I got one of my MR residents diagnosed as bi-polar (they incorrectly thought he had obsessive compulsive disorder). When he was manic he would be easily distracted, in the middle of a conversation he would start cleaning his apartment because it was dirty. He would do this for hours at a time even if there were other more pressing things to do. When he finally had a deievsspre episode he would lie in bed and lack the energy to even get up. The medicine helped but left him feeling like he couldn't experience emotions (it took the highs & lows away).I remember a third person who was obsessed with germs, when she was in a manic state she would shower dozens of times a day. She would actually run her books and notebooks through the dishwasher to keep them germ free.Manic Depressive behaviour often looks a lot like OCD, except in OCD people realize what they are doing is silly they just don't feel comfortable not doing it. With bipolar they don't realize there is anything wrong with thier behaviour.It can be very difficult to live with someone with Bipolar, and it requires a special kind of love.Good luck with the book NOTE: manic / deievsspre cycles are very long, usually weeks or months shorter cycles (hours or days) are a different disorder.

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