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February 18, 2005

Omega 3 helps with Depression (Study)

Another study was recently completed that supports the theory that consuming higher than average levels of Omega-3 fatty acids (as found in Salmon, walnuts, sugar beets, etc.) helps to lessen depression.

In fact, this new research at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital indicates some food ingredients may be as effective as traditional antidepressants in bolstering mood.

Although the connection has so far only been explored in rats, the results are encouraging and shouldn't be too surprising, according to Dr. Bruce Cohen, president and psychiatrist in chief at McLean Hospital.

In a similar study released in 1999, Dr. Andrew Stoll, director of the psychopharmacology research laboratory at McLean, suggested in a that megadoses of fish oil could dramatically improve the course of severe bipolar disorder. Stoll has also found omega-3 fatty acids can sharpen memory and aid concentration.

For more information on the study see:

Foods Like Fish May Buoy Your Mental Health (ABC News)


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