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March 4, 2005

Mental Illness and Movies

Following is a good article about the persistant problem of Hollywood and other media frequently ignoring modern science as they develop their movies and books. While not specifically about bipolar disorder, it is a good overview of the important problems with Hollywood when it comes to mental illness.

Time for Hollywood to Ground Freud

"It's all Mom's fault" makes great scripts but scorns brain science and families struggling with mental illness.

The opening scene of Martin Scorsese’s award winning biopic The Aviator shows us young Howard Hughes being sensuously towel dried by his mother who murmurs to him about the unsafe world around them. A cholera epidemic is rampant and she carefully teaches him to spell the word "quarantine." The images are slow, shadowy and ominous. They provide the dark undercurrent which frames this otherwise fast-paced, opulent, and stylish romp through the glamorous life of Howard Hughes.

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