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March 30, 2005

The mad world of Princess Leia: Carrie Fisher

There is a good article on Carrier Fisher in this week's National Post of Canada.

"Carrie Fisher is curled up inside a Perspex swinging seat that hangs from the ceiling of her cluttered Beverly Hills bedroom. She snuggles into the cushions and slowly rocks to and fro in a sort of trance....Peace reigns. ...

Fisher has no qualms about admitting that she has been addicted to a host of drugs. "I took them," she says, "because I wanted to feel as others seemed." She is an alcoholic too, although she insists that alcohol was never her favourite route to oblivion -- and she claims not to touch the stuff these days. To top that, she was diagnosed six years ago as suffering from manic depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. She takes a cocktail of more than two dozen medications each day and when she doesn't, she tells me, "I go, well, sort of mad."


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