March 30, 2005

Suzy Zeus Gets Organized

Suzy Zeus Gets Organized -- This new fictional book by Maggie Robbins is a semi-autobiographical novel of poems written over a period of 20 years, during which Maggie conquered her own bipolar depression

Maggie Robbins's novel in verse tracks a blundering bombshell as she risks all, ricocheting from man to man, place to place, through a haze of sensuality, spirituality, serendipity, and psychosis. In its own singsong rhythm–the "crazy beat" of Suzy's unforgettable life–Suzy Zeus Gets Organized chronicles a furious odyssey from Astoria to Astroland–by way of such pit stops as Berlin, the Big Easy, Buddhism, Barbie, and the Bible–that leaves Suzy, although in the same town, in a somewhat better state.

"Suzy hails from Indiana,
land of crops, of Fords and farms.
Suzy lives in New York City,
land of cops and car alarms.
Suzy lives six blocks from Harry.
Touch him and she'll break your arms."

Suzy Zeus Gets Organized - at

The Suzy Zeus web site


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