April 15, 2005



I need to get some help from one or more stars who have Bipolar Disorder. I will work for what I am asking for. I have been stable on my medicine for close to 10 years. My history inlcudes a BS from Baylor University and a MS from the University of GA. I was diagnosed in my mid 30's after achieving my education. My parents and I moved to Oklahoma and built a house to live in together on 160 acres of land next to my sister and her family's land. I almost died from Lithium Toxicity which left me with several permanent disabilities. I can not work at a company, but can work from home and travel on my own. I have two horses and am a member of the Western District of Oklahoma U.S. Marshals Posse. We use our horses in parades and help educate the public about the US Marshals. Most of my time is spent helping other people and my family. I am on Disability Social Security and receive Medicare and Food Stamps. My Dad has fallen in love again and wants to get married. My Mom died suddeny in September of 2004. My parents were married and so much in love for 50 years, one month and one day. In order for my Dad to get married, I have to build a house and barn on the property. We still owe on the property and I have tried to start businesses from home, but they just never seem to work out.
Please do not put this in the "we do not care file." I really need help. I will do what I can to work off the money. I am sure we can find something in your organization or someone's that I can do.
Thank you for your time,
Margie Davis

Posted by: Margie Davis at February 24, 2008 4:13 PM

There is a relatively new product for Bipolar and other Mental Disorders. The company is called Truehope in Canada. The product is called Empower Plus. They seem to be having some amazing results. The company is a non profit organisation and it seems there has been alot of research into the product. I have Bipolar Disorder and are just starting out on the product. Check out the website or give them a call. We have nothing to lose. I'll keep u posted how I go!!

Posted by: Debi at March 10, 2008 11:24 PM