April 24, 2005



I have a grandson who was put on resperidone for a sleep disorder. I find no trials done on children just adults with the dose altered according to body mass. He was originally given dexamphetamine as a control for supposed ADHD and behavioral disorder. This diagnosis to me is suspect as the boy can work for hours in the workshop on a project and never lose focus and their has never been a second opinion sought and is based on the test done by the school psychologist. This to me is a conflict of interest as the school system gets more money for this type of diagnosis. I believe here that his mother did not exercise due diligence but was quick to accept the initial results. I also feel my family physcial failed at this point for he did not suggest a second opinion from and alternative source. I have lost my son to drug addiction due to the over prescription and use of various drugs when he was young and do not want to the same happen to my grandson or any other child.
My grandson also has a genetic disposition to diabetes and most information I have read states that even without this disposition that resperidone can cause or contribute to diabetes or pancreatic failure. I would like more information about the drug and the side effects including successful law actions.

Posted by: John Crockford at April 24, 2006 3:00 PM

My daughter began showing symtoms of bi-polar disorder as young as 12, I passed it off as being just depressed or hyper from caffeine, because she could be both within 30 minutes. Now they say risperdal has all these side effects? How can she ever have the hope to feel normal every day when evrything that the Dr's try has side effects like this? any solutions?

Posted by: Bonnie Barger at July 6, 2006 1:55 PM

My husband has just been prescribed resperidone He is not at home now but is with people who smoke weed...what if he continues the smoking weed. He says he not but then another minute he says he is...i am not sure what clues to look for since this is all new behaviour to me.

Posted by: Rachel Martin at September 11, 2007 12:35 PM

Since the sixth grade I have noticed that I had syomptms of bi polar disorder, When I was in a very depressed state and was constantly swinging from mood to mood for no reason I decided to go to my pediatrycian and get checked. They then diagnosed me with bipolar and anxiety disorder. Being bipolar is hard because its like you are a prisoner of your own emotions. You will be mad at the world for no reason and you dont want to be but you just stay that way and then you will be sad and mad for a few days for no reason and then all the sudden you will be extremely happy for no reason. I didnt mind the happy part but it sucks feeling so angry and not understanding why,

Posted by: Angela at November 18, 2012 5:33 AM

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