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May 4, 2005

Avoid Army Recruiters

In the New York Times this afternoon it was reported that Army recruiters are bending the rules significantly to meet recruitment goals. A quote from the New York Times demonstrates this "bending of the rules", see below:

"It was late September when the 21-year-old man, fresh from a three-week commitment in a psychiatric ward, showed up at an Army recruiting station in southern Ohio. The two recruiters there wasted no time signing him up, and even after the man's parents told them he had bipolar disorder - a diagnosis that would disqualify him - he was all set to be shipped to boot camp, and perhaps Iraq after that, before senior officers found out and canceled the enlistment.

Despite an Army investigation, the recruiters were not punished and were still working in the area late last month."

Full Story: (Free Registration Required): Army Recruiters Say They Feel Pressure to Bend Rules


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