June 11, 2005



Your article about being misdiagnosed with ADHD and Depression when he "had bipolar disorder" seems one-sided.

In my practice, it seems that more children are being diagnosed with Bipolar when they likely have a less serious disorder, like ADHD, Depression, or an impulse control problem. The Bipolar construct was based on adults. A Childhood Bipolard D/O construct has yet to be developed and validated.

Obviously with such severe symptoms, your anecdotal child, Dakota, very well suffers from Bipolar I, however, the severity along with the halmark sleep dysomnia is very characteristic of bipolar. Developing a logorhythym for diagnosing childhood bipolar should be a priority, especially one that includes the child's responses to somatic treatments, counseling treatments, and a very thorough clinical assessment. Also, your article recommends a qualified Psychiatrist of Psychologist. Please be aware that Clinical Social Workers and Clinical Professional Counslors are able to apply this diagnosis.
Scott C., MSW LCSW

Posted by: Scott Costello at June 15, 2006 6:05 PM

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