June 21, 2005



Let's not forget of the genetic predisposition in developing Diabetes type 2. It would be interesting to see if the same children diagnosed with neuropsychiatric disease have the gene that leads to the phenotypic expression of Diabetes type 2.

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im a rapid cycle bypolor with uncontrolabe sugar levels

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It is not impossible for us to activate a brown fat, having the need of payday loan for bunch of medicine is not even necessary. The best things to do are to exercise, eat right, and not go out of the way to keep yourself warm. Brown fat is an evolutionary development, in that it generates heat when an organism is cold, almost to the point of shivering. Then it begins to expend energy to create body heat. It could be possible to burn more white fat (the bad kind) and offset Type 2 diabetes by activating your brown reserves. However, not all the facts are in yet, so let's get some cash advances out to fund brown fat research.

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When your hyperglycemia is present,there is a matter about oxygen,the vessels are choked,and could forcefully will prevent the influx of blood in some parts among which the brain.After it's tired of over working the it will give up,thanks the information above

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