June 23, 2005



I am writing in response to recently starting Levoxyll. I almost was not put on it, the test for the need, was marginal at best. The doctor decided to go ahead, and the results have been nothing less than dramatic. I life long depresession has lifet, and monthslater, still abatted, a sense of well being, the hair stopped falling and is thick againl I had been dianosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder, but all symptoms have disappeared on the Levoxyll. My voice is no longer raspy, and am now understood and I no longer struggle to exert tremendous energy to be heard audibly. The energy has increased dramatically It has been a miracle prescription. But interestingly enough, synthyroid, altered my mood, to the point I stopped it on y own It made me very irritable. Thank you for the Levoxyl

Posted by: Ms. Cushing at August 1, 2005 12:03 AM

It really does get btteer. I just recently got engaged with my boyfriend of 4 years. As if that's not exciting enough, the reception from my family was overwhelmingly positive!! And when I say family, I mean blood relatives from all generations!! I came home from work last Wednesday at 12:30am and found a congratulations on your engagement' card from my mother's mom. I hadn't conversed with her about me being gay because she's always been very religions, but we've been close and gone to plays together (so I assumed she had a feeling). But, I came out to her a few months ago and she just wanted to make sure I was happy. So my mom emailed the family about the engagement, because that's how they communicate, and my grandmother, Nan, immediately sent out a card. I sat on my bed after a long day at work and cried. I've never been so touched in my life. My Nan has always inspired me to be myself, so I wasn't surprised. I'm naming my first daughter after her, Joan. That also happens to be the name of my favorite character on Mad Men, and the only Mad Men Barbie doll I own. I've wanted those dolls for a long time, and I bought one because Nan always tells me that she buys the silly things that she wants.

Posted by: Rajan at February 11, 2013 4:31 PM

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