June 24, 2005

S.C. Builds New Hospital For Kids

South Carolina is planning to spend around $18 million on a new psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents. Nationally the number of psychiatric hospitals has been declining and it has become common for them to be torn down or used for other purposes.

"The new hospital would be paid for with federal money the Mental Health Department receives for capital improvements. Although the existing facility is supposed to be closed in July 2006, the board is proposing that it remain open while a new 80-bed hospital is being built. Three state-owned sites in Columbia have been proposed for the new hospital" (Eichel, 2005).

With the closing of many hospitals come stories of people who were forced into bad situations. Some families have had to give custody of their children to the state in order for them to receive the psychiatric services that they need. Many states have closed all or most of their juvenile mental hospitals; such states include New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Those in South Carolina are therefore especially lucky to have a hospital being built for them, rather than being torn down.

For the full story go to: http://tinyurl.com/8rhyv

The source of this article is The Charlotte Observer.


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