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June 28, 2005

FAQ on Stem Cells

Wired magazine (a magazine that covers technology developments) has a short overview (questions and answers) on the basics of stem cells. This is valuable because researchers have already "turned stem cells into neurons, which they hope can treat people with brain disorders or spinal-cord injuries".

"You probably know the difference between a stem cell and a fuel cell. But if your comprehension of stem-cell research doesn't go beyond that, you're not alone.

Stem-cell science is embedded in a quagmire of science, policy and ethics that can be daunting to sort out. But anyone can learn the basics with this Wired News crash course. And everyone should, because stem-cell research brings up issues like where your tax money goes, who you vote for, your family’s health and even your most fundamental beliefs about what makes us human. "

For the full story: FAQ: What's Up With Stem Cells?

For more information on Stem Cell research in California see: We're Not Dismembering Babies

Source: Wired Magazine


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