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June 28, 2005

Bebe Campbell on Bipolar Disorder

Bebe Moore Campbell is a well known author of a number of excellent children's books (as well as books for adults) that are focused on explaining to children bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. She has published such books as: Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry, 72 Hour Hold and many others.

The New York Times talked with her recently:

"Like many novelists, the best-selling author Bebe Moore Campbell often starts her books with experiences from her own life.

In "Singing in the Comeback Choir," she wrote of intergenerational relationships in a black family. In "Brothers and Sisters," she examined the difficulties of friendships between blacks and whites.

And in her just-released "72 Hour Hold," the author tells of Keri, a determined African-American woman who sometimes imagines herself as Harriet Tubman as she tries to save her teenage daughter from bipolar disorder. (The title refers to the amount of time the mentally ill in California can be hospitalized without their consent.)

Ms. Campbell's own family has experienced a case of mental illness, firing her passion and advocacy. Three years ago, she helped start the Inglewood, Calif., chapter of the self-help organization the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

See Full story (free registration required): A Portrait of Pain Is Drawn With Care


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