June 28, 2005



I need to know more about VNS Therapy for people that have Bipolar Disorder!!! Dose it really work? My daughter has bipoler. We need help.

Posted by: Mary at May 16, 2006 4:19 AM

I have been diagnosed bipolar for about 16 years and have been recurring depression many times. I am lucky to be alive. I am looking for another way besides taking medication to help me. I am 2 years clean and sober but depression tends to bring me down. Any information on the vns therapy would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Suzanne Krisher at May 18, 2006 6:21 AM

Where can I get VNS for depression in Austria or elsewhere in Europe? I'll appreciate any info.

Posted by: marine at July 7, 2006 5:45 PM

Be very very careful. This is a very serious device for Permanate use. The side effects can be devestating especially if a malfunction occurs. Nerve damage isn't unheard of at all in those circumstances. Mine was installed in 01/10/07. While adjusting a malfunction occured on 02/21/07 and I have been nonfunctional 80 % of the time since and they haven't a clue how to help me after 9 months. This device is too new and the dr's are not up to troubleshooting it when an adverse event occurs. Like many of you I thought I had nothing to lose. I was WRONG WRONG WRONG. I lost any simbalance of a semi normal life and may not get it back. This is not like a med where you quit it and things go back to where you were. The many side effects of VNS can be permanate even if the device is removed. Spend a month and read everything you can find. Read the VNS Maude Reports on the FDA websites. Do your research this will be one of the biggest decisions of you or your childs life !
Peace and best wishes to all !!
P.S. The FDA is now under scutiny for approving the VNS so soon for TRD. Most FDA dr's voted against it but not enough to keep if from aproval. Now enough time has passed to see it doesn't work as well as presented to the FDA board and there has been more side effects than represented.

Posted by: Echo at January 10, 2008 6:29 AM

I know this sounds sort of crazy BUT I had been cronically ill and an alsoholic in the past although a highly functional person in society and a Director of Technology! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS VNS is, where it gets implanted and EXACTLY WHAT the SIDE-AFFECTS ARE.....please respond ....Thank you

Posted by: Kim Johnson at January 20, 2008 8:29 PM

i had my vns inplanted on 8/21/07 than it was somthing grong with it on i went beack in surgery on 8/22/08 than on the 10/08 i want angen i had sever pain but now i am still having pain and dizzines from time to time is that normal

Posted by: vasilica brandeu at June 14, 2008 9:51 AM

Yes as a psychiatrist I'm interested to know more about VNS for Bipolar disorder or chronic depressive disorder drug resistant.

Posted by: Bernard GUILLOT at December 7, 2009 6:11 AM