July 1, 2005



I have bipolar as well as chemical dependancy, I have been trying to get help how ever I have been told due to my crimanal back round there are certain places I can't go.
There is a place in sacramento ca called crisis res it's a temporary 30 shelter when in crisis,I have had 2or 3 nervous breakdowns,
I won't go the the hospital,Nor to the mental health hospital because I smoke,But I've asked my counclor at El Hogar to get me into crisis res,They keep telling me no. I am not a danger to others, I still have gotten no answers. samsha
I've written there still seems to be no help? Some please help?

Posted by: tina burton at July 28, 2005 8:39 PM

I am sorry Tina... and I know how messed up things can be... I have bipolar disorder as well. The thing that really bothers me about your post is that you are well aware of your issues and yet you continue to smoke and further offset the balance of the chemicals in your brain. For a long time I thought that there was nothing out there for me.... no treatment available... and no words to describe the inner conflict and silent suffering that I experienced daily. It became a big problem in my personal life and I began to identify some symptoms when the "cycles" began to cycle more rapidly... I sought help because my daily conduct was having a negative impact on my family... I used to smoke too... Are you serious that you will not stop smoking at least long enough to get some real help? Treatment must not be all that terribly important to you... I quit smoking and will never smoke again, I want this medication to work the way that it is supposed to... I take Seroquel (made by astrazeneca)... Anyway, I wish you the best of luck..


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