July 5, 2005



I really want draw your urgent attention to review another very basic and important aspect of care delivery where from you will eventually receive and collect data of when meds given to combat what symptom(is it really the symptom), and when at what doese given again to combat what aspect of symptom.
Now these above will depend on who is writing the daily progress notes and what is written in reference to dig out the reality of such symptoms, are they part of being ill or spontaneous response to some need or communication or some reaction to what has happened.
After eliminating lots of other factors that may look like symptoms we need to attend to, especially in cases of

1.mood changes
4.outburst with need expression etc

In my experience I equate with the article came out from BMJ journal of 1st april written by G.Andrews about how we have failed to treat dementia and depended on meds structures fusing with other restrictions.

I like to draw your attention to the agenda we have when we prescribe this meds to clients.

I wish you organise world wide study days to make professionals aware of the danger in changing agenda and use meds to combat any thing and everything.

I had been involved in many creative discussions with Ely Lily first and all other pharmaceuticals too on this aspect.
Neurolink has made out good books for free distribution but withdrawals of meds has been termed as relapse which is not wholesomely true, we need to appreciate to cope with withdrawal effect for some only to get back life.

With kindest regards

I thank you for this article.

Tapan Pal

Nursing assistant
Mental Health

Posted by: Tapan Pal at April 15, 2006 2:00 AM