July 5, 2005



You know that does sound familiar you know in my case. It's just the way of innarogce of this disorder, If you rile any person up by ignoring them, making remarks that hurt, they feel like a stranger in their own home. Statistics show 99% of marriages with a bipolar spouse fail. It's sorry to say. There is no understanding and no attempt to love and keep harmony. If that happened with empathy all would work together. What a dream. I am still dreaming it should of happened, but alas I'm the sick one with bipolar one. Another point is what person in a relationship wouldn't get peaved if the same thing was happening without bipolar. We know bipolar is just a part of us and sorry to the spouses but, we are more sensitive to the things dished. Being ignored is like we are just a piece of the scenery. God love you Stephanie. I get you so much. I've been there too. It's a life that really stinks but, what can you do. I told you before you have to think of yourself. I did when my soul was dying and I got out before I attempted suicide again or got put in the hospital again. I am doing great just being here and I wish you had the support of unconditional love like I do in my parents and family. It makes a big difference. You do have very many friends in us to vent and talk to. We care and accept you for you. One sweet person with a flaw. Do you know anyone that doesn't have one.

Posted by: Happy at April 2, 2013 4:43 AM