July 9, 2005



I am starting a blog called "Bipolar in Louisville," which is a cost-free networking on the web (anonymous) whose address on Internet is: www.bipolarlouisville.blogspot.com. If anybody in your group would want to comment on this blog, that would be fine. Indeed, if I got to know and trust you well-enough, I'd have no problem giving user name and password. I just don't want the home page savaged arbitrarily. Very best wishes,Vernon L. Stephens (502) 561-5419.

Posted by: Vernon Stephens at July 16, 2005 7:43 PM

I think that this is great for families who are going through this nightmare

Posted by: Arcade phase at February 15, 2011 11:52 PM

Thanks for sharing. What a plaesrue to read!

Posted by: Dragon at October 11, 2011 11:03 PM

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Posted by: mpwikglfz at October 14, 2011 7:23 AM

i am in Kenya, Africa..i think i have this condition following my unstable moods and depressive moments.. most times,in light of small things i want to commit suicide.. i am also very hot tempered..can anyone helpknow how you differentiate between personality/character problems with bipolar disorder..am sometimes too happy, making friends and having jolly good moments,, other times i have pushed them away and lonely, crying my heart out.. i blame myself for all this en try to change.. help me

Posted by: susan at June 3, 2012 1:20 PM