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July 9, 2005

Son's Mental Disorder Led Mother to Start Group

Charlotte Davis has three sons and one of them was diagnosed with a mental disorder in 1998. Charlotte reacted to her sons disorder by creating a group that provides support to people and their families that are dealing with mental illness.

Charlotte Davis joined the Louisville chapter of NAMI, but found that there was little help where she lived. "Davis said the group was helpful, but its activities were focused on mental-health resources on the Louisville side of the Ohio River, so she gathered support for a Southern Indiana version of the group. It was launched in March 2003 and became an affiliate of the national organization in January 2004.

The group has more than 50 members and draws people to its monthly meetings from as far away as Salem, Scottsburg and New Washington. One of its core offerings, a 12-week course for relatives and friends of people with a mental illness, has drawn more than 60 participants" (Davis, 2005).

One of the board members of the chapter's board, Joan Kemper, said that Charlotte Davis was the main thing that led to the new group being made in southern Indiana. Without Charlotte there probably would not be a chapter there today. She is one of the few who has taken direct action to help those with mental illness in her area.

This article mentions that Charlotte is an avid reader of information on mental disorders, educating herself while helping others get the information that they need. One of the pamphlets in a stack at her home is titled "Understanding Bipolar Disorder". It is obvious that Charlotte Davis' commitment to helping others in her community is a needed and appreciated support.

The source of this article was The Courier-Journal by Alex Davis.

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