July 20, 2005



That's a really good queotisn. I know a couple of people who also have this disorder so I completely understand where you're coming from. I would hope that as long as you stay on your medicine that your disorder will be kept under control. But anything is possible sometimes the body can get to a point where it will tolerate a medicine and become immune to what it's for. For example, people who suffer from depression can take a medication like Lexapro and it may work well for a while but then will eventually lose its effect. If you're afraid of this happening then talk to your doctor and have a plan ready in case you ever reach that point.

Posted by: Koyal at November 18, 2012 1:46 AM

Yes, with some mental ilelessns, there are people who's ilelessns become chronically debilitating. Their symptoms do not resolve, even with treatment.My ex-husband is one. He has been on every anti-psychotic available, and even some that aren't, and he continues to hear voices, and have difficulty associating with people. He recently had to be hospitalized because he thought he was Jesus and John the Baptist, and wrecked a chapel.He will never be cured but his goal is to be manageable.The guy that I married is lost forever, and he is now just a shell; occasionally I see glimpses of his former self.There are more and more people who are now growing older with schizophrenia and bipolar. They aren't necessarily independent in many cases, and they often have supportive living situations or live with family members.

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