July 20, 2005



I need information sent to me explaining how to find employment while being disabled with bipolar disorder for ten years.

I prefer part-time and low stress work.

I live in the San Fernando Valley area.

Do you have any support groups that could help me?

Thank you.


Posted by: michelle at May 19, 2008 11:09 PM

I had been driving a school bus for about ten years when I was diagnosed with bipolar. I continued for another seven years. At that time I was hospitalized for a few weeks and had had side effexts which came from weaning off of 'paxotine'. I can tell you its been a nightmare. I lost my job while I was in the hospital,(which was a good school district job, with great benefits). I went on to work for a school bus company, which was not so great. Recently I quit that line of work, as I truly feel I've been 'black listed' because of my bipolar. I took a job working midnights at a local food store stocking shelves. It is not working. I can't seem to get enough sleep, my children, I feel I've neglected, and to make life even harder for me, my employer pushes too hard. The work load is far too heavy for my age, 48 and my body frame. I weigh 123 lbs. I've lost abot 25 lbs. in the short two months I've been there. I have also had trouble with one supervisor, who seems to 'ride' me everytime I work with her. I quit because of her. I've been told I can not get disability. I also have walked out on a second job now. Its not that I won't work. Afterall I held the same job for 17 years. I am resposible for two minor children, ages 12, and 16, and have a mortgage to pay. I'm terrified right now. Christmas is coming and I know jobs are hard to find. Is there anywhere I can go to get help finding a job thats right for me????? DESPERATE

Posted by: rinkenberger at November 24, 2008 9:00 PM

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