July 20, 2005

Friendship House, Employment, & Bipolar Disorder

Desire to work strong in many of the (psychiatrically disabled); Programs exist to help them achieve that goal

A new article discusses the Friendship House. Located in New Jersey, the Friendship House, is a non-profit center which helps the psychiatrically disabled with employment. Such centers seem valuable considering the difficulties psychiatrically disabled people face while attempting to get a job. The center "offers behavioral health services, vocational training and employment support." A large number of the Friendship House's clients have disabilites such as schizoffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and depression. Despite their different disabilities, most clients share the common goal of gaining employment:

"Of the people we see here, no matter how low their functioning - three-quarters of them, their goal is to someday work," says Mala Spivack, clinical director of the North Jersey Friendship House."Clearly, across the board, it's an important value for people."...People with (psychiatric disabilities) find that the intricacies of "the system, " coupled with their debilitating health condition, can make a job seem out of reach...Friendship House aims to ease clients' transitions to work, tailoring goal-oriented treatment plans based on individual abilities and desires, which range from dog-grooming to clerical jobs, Spivack says. Last year, the agency placed 198 of its clients in jobs in the community."It gives them a place in society," Spivack says, "and it enhances self-esteem and self-worth."

The Friendship House is located 125 Atlantic Street, Hackensack. Phone: 201-488-2121.

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Title: "Desire to work strong in many of the mentally ill; Programs exist to help them achieve that goal"
Source: http://www.northjersey.com/ Author: Jessica Adler. Date: July 18, 2005.


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