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France's Socialist presidential hofeupl is being shunned by a coalition of European leaders. Too fiery for the austerity tsars? The French may be fond of them, but this is not just another conspiracy theory; it's a statement from Germany's most influential investigative news magazine Der Spiegel. This week's edition spells it out rather eloquently: a European coalition of rightwing leaders has discreetly formed to boycott France's Socialist presidential candidate Frane7ois Hollande. The last few months have indeed felt unusual. There was Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy's double act on primetime French television back in November, Angela Merkel's recent steadfast and unambiguous endorsement for the rightwing candidate and, finally, David Cameron's slightly more nuanced at a joint press conference in Paris during the last Anglo-French summit. In world leaders have gone out of their way to show that, if they voted in the French presidential elections, they'd

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