August 11, 2005



Having just published "Bipolar and the Art of Roller-coaster Riding" by Madeleine Kelly, I have learned a thing or two about bipolar.

Madeleine says "this disorder has more faces than Imelda Marcos had pairs of shoes." She explained that it can be hard to tell between the behavior of the illness and plain old bad/rude/abusive behavior.

Bipolar and the Art of Roller-coaster Riding is a practical, pragmatic guide to working with a loved one to prevent (and be prepared for) the worst. Together with a clinician, a sufferer and carer can manage bipolar disorder.

This book is in its 2nd edition, the first edition having won the SANE Australia Book of the Year.

Posted by: P E Le Grelier at October 20, 2005 8:41 PM