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August 16, 2005

New President of NAMI

HARRISBURG, Pa., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia, M.D., of Beaver, PA, was elected president of national NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, at the recent national convention in Austin, Texas. Vogel-Scibilia is a long-time board member of NAMI-PA, as well as the national NAMI board.

"NAMI has tirelessly advanced the cause of persons with mental illness, their families and friends for over 26 years," Vogel-Scibilia said. "We look forward to more successes in the coming years involving our goals of advocacy, support, education, and research."

A clinical psychiatrist, Vogel-Scibilia operates an independent mental health clinic in Beaver County. She has had bipolar disorder since the age of fifteen.

Vogel-Scibilia is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at Western Psychiatric Institute and serves on the faculty of two community hospitals. She stays very active leading local peer education and support groups and acts in an advisory capacity for national organizations.

"Since I am a consumer, a family member and a provider," Vogel-Scibilia said, "I reflect the broad perspective that NAMI brings to our important advocacy movement."

"The entire organization is extremely proud that Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia, M.D., has been elected national president," said Jim Jordan, executive director of NAMI-PA, "and that Carol Caruso, our state president, was elected to the national NAMI board."

Vogel-Scibilia and Caruso are co-chairs of NAMIWalks, the Pennsylvania statewide walk-a-thon and fundraiser scheduled for Saturday, September 24, 2005, with 9 A.M. registration behind the Capitol in Harrisburg.

For information on NAMI-PA call 1-800-223-0500, or visit the website at

NAMI-PA is the largest family- and consumer-based organization in Pennsylvania dedicated to improving the lives of individuals impacted by mental illness, providing education, training, support and advocacy throughout Pennsylvania to improve the lives of the estimated 1 in 5 Pennsylvanians affected by serious mental illness. NAMI-PA has 60 affiliates across the state, with 9000 members.

This press release's original source is NAMI Pennsylvania.


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