August 19, 2005



That is so untrue that the risk of self harm is "minute" in NPD. ALL the literature suggests that axis II disorders, have a MUCH higher risk for suicide. You do a diservice to your readers to state otherwise. Additionally, not all bipolars experience psychotic mania that is a "marked transformation" Many patients are hypomanic and the depressive side of the illness can be much more "marked" than the manic or hypomanic phase. Many many psychiatric illnesses experience insomnia acute and otherwise and this can be a significant facter since impulsivity and anxiety are very common in NPD and other disorders. Perhaps you should qualify your statements with the fact that these are your own unsubstanciated opinions.

Posted by: robin at March 11, 2008 12:30 AM

yes, there truly is a marked transfomation is bipolars during psychotic mania. if you have observed it closely like I, the wife of a bipolar sufferer have, you would know the truth of it!
It is frightening to see someone you love turn into a complete stranger.

Posted by: sun at November 26, 2008 10:26 AM

Thank God I am out of an 8 year relationship with a bipolar man. I was so stupid to think I could love him enough to deal with his rage attacks. Our engagement was on and off. He'd settle down for a few months and then the cycle would start all over again. In 8 years I said I was sorry countless times to attempt to keep the peace. He said sorry twice, TWICE. His eyes would change and he became a monster, throwing and breaking anything he could get his hands on. He told horrible lies about me and didn't understand why I'd be upset. A counselor told him once to go back and tell the truth to people he'd told a horrible lie to which he did reluctantly. He takes a shoebox full of meds and saw his psychiatrist minimally once a month. He was hospitalized twice for abusing prescription drugs and was a recovering alcoholic. He'd been married once before I met him but that didn't last obviously.
He is on a dating service, grossly exaggerating his accomplishments, and I feel truly sorry for his next victim. I know he is ill but I cannot comprehend how he can be so cold and ugly and mean to someone who had been so good to him. It is very difficult for me to understand that there is no internal filter that says STOP, I am hurting someone I love and who has shown great love to me.
We've been split 10 months now and about 11 weeks ago I met the most wonderful man! I'd forgotten men like him, so thoughtful, kind, and loving, even exist. Meanwhile my ex-fiance is in a hell of his own creation. I actually pity him. He pushes away everything he wants over and over and over.

Posted by: jenny at September 18, 2011 3:37 PM