August 20, 2005



that's an awesome thing your doing. keep fightin the good fight, i wish i had someone like that for me around here. im in the military, usn. and we've had are traingings on suicide prevention but that stuff is so bogus, they didnt have anything for me, but a pep talk and zoloft, do you have any where i can look to for help or advice. thanks.

Posted by: mickey at August 14, 2008 9:00 PM

I lost my son, 24 years of age, last Oct. 2007 to suicide. He had become a compulsive gambler; but now I realize the gambling was his 'self medication' for his depressed state. It is a long story, but I too want to be proactive with our state gambling rehab. At this point, i have not been very successful. Their constant come back since I got an attorney to access his records; has been that they couldn't tell me things do to 'hippo' laws. I think that needs to change; in situations like his. Especially, after the fact, found that compulsive gambling has THE HIGEST suicide rate of ANY addiction!!!!!!!

Posted by: Mary Wilkinson at September 21, 2008 7:11 PM