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August 24, 2005

New Kids Book on Bipolar Disorder

A new childrens book has come out that gives kids a better understanding of bipolar disorder and how to deal with the knowledge of this disorder. The authors of the book are three women named Dr. Lisa Lewandowski, 35, Shannon M.B. Trost, 35, and Kimberly Shaw-Peterson, 31. They are in the process of trying to make sure that professionals, teachers, and parents have knowledge of its existence so that children can have access to it.

The book is called "Darcy Daisy and the Firefly Festival" and was published in June of 2005. The setting of the book is in a community of different flowers, with the main character being Darcy Daisy. Over the course of the book she learns to accept another flower person who has bipolar disorder. The authors in the book state that it is not presented in a "scary way", but rather at such an angle that it is easily accessible to children.

Darcy Daisy Bipolar Kids Book.jpg

The book has several main ideas that are presented to kids who read it. "Lewandowski said that the book has three concepts that she wants children to pick up: Gossip is wrong. You should talk to someone you trust when you're scared or confused. You should accept people in your community even if they're different" (Stanley, 2005).

The colorful illustrations and the simple wording of what could be a difficult and complex disorder to explain makes this book a great read for children who have friends, family, or siblings suffering from bipolar disorder. Even if a child does not have someone close to them suffering from the disorder it gives them a great way to understand bipolar disorder and to therefore be more accepting of it.

You can find the book at

Original Source: Kids book explains bipolar disorder. Detroit Free Press. August 9, 2005. By Kameel Stanley.


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