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August 31, 2005

Unemployment Has Link to Mental Health

Apparently children of parents who are both unemployed are at a higher risk for developing a mental disorder. "Where neither parent was working, the figure was 20% compared with 8% where both were in employment, while it was 16% for families with a gross weekly income of £100 or less compared with 5% for those bringing in £600 or more" (DailyMail, 2005).

Those in single parent families were also at higher risk for having a mental disorder, at 16%. It was at 14% for children in families that had been "reconsituted," in other words, families in which kids were also living with stepsisters and stepbrothers. Kids in families with parental figures with no educational qualificiations were four times more likely to develop a mental illness at 17%. This is in comparison to 4% for kids who had parents with a degree.

Boys were more likely to have a mental illness than girls. The Office of National Statistics put the data together. The scores were similar to the data pulled together in 1999. This information holds important meaning for children of the unemployed, single parent families, and reconstituted families. It shows that the stresses that a parent endures puts similar stress upon the child. What is important is to find a way to combat this problem before it happens, rather than waiting for it to potentially affect one's children.

Original Source: Unemployment link to mental health. DailyMail (UK). August 31, 2005.


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