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September 11, 2005

Katrina Survivors at Risk for Mental Illness

Katrina Survivors At Higher Risk for Mental Illness-Hurricane Katrina affected all of our lives, even if we do not live directly in the path of destruction. Our country watched in horror as news agencies captured on camera the pain and suffering of tens of thousands of individuals as they waited for aid. The victims of Katrina not only have to worry about the physical items lost, but also need to care for their psychological needs as they try to cope with the complete upheaval of their life. They may experience depression, anxiety, or post traumatic stress syndrome.

H.M. Cooper, psychologist, educator, and experienced author, states, “There is meaning in madness, even though it appears chaotic, and political, social and personal realities influence the experience.” Mr. Cooper has written a novel titled Something Lyrical for the Night that examines the relationship between the mentally ill and the influence of their surroundings on their illness. Something Lyrical for the Night is an inspirational story that will bring joy and insight to the reader. They will come away with knowledge of the human mind and the way it copes with them. Something Lyrical for the Night is published by American Book Publishing and available at a discount online at the Publisher Direct Bookstore at

Although it will take many months and even years to deal with the physical aftermath of the destruction, officials must not overlook the more delicate mental aid that is necessary for all of the survivors, and possibly even others throughout the country. Just as people look different, the ways people deal emotionally with a traumatic event are different. Some people feel the effects of the stress immediately, while others may suppress their feelings for months and even years after the event.

If you or your loved ones are experiencing this trauma, the American Psychological Association has a number of recommendations on how to deal with your feelings. First, talk openly with your loved ones and friends. Find support groups led by an experienced professional who can help you process your feelings. Try to eat a healthy diet, and get enough sleep. Resume activities that you did before the hurricane, such as eating meals on a schedule, participating in hobbies, exercising, etc.

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