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September 14, 2005

Medicaid Preferred Drug List Expanding

The cuts to medicaid and the new and recent changes in its plan have been scary for many of those depending on a medication that was not going to be paid for by Medicaid. Medicaid has been developing a "preferred drug list" meaning that if your drug was not on the list, you would have to jump through several hoops to actually get it covered. Your clinician would have to show that they has attempted numerous other medications to help your ailment, but that only this one worked. This is especially difficult for those with a serious mental illness that has been stabilized by a specific medication. They would be forced to get off the medication that was working for them, try several others, and then if those did not work, their psychiatrist could send in proof that this was a necessary medication. A lengthy and potentially dangerous process for those in desperate need of their medication.

Luckily Medicaid is putting several important medications for mental illness back on the preferred drug list, as they announced Monday. There had been talk that ELi Lilly was refusing to lower drug prices and that officials in Florida were refusing to consider any alternatives to lowering drug prices. The stalemate meant that Zyprexa would not be able to be on the preferred drug list.

But now Zyprexa is back on the preferred drug list. "Lilly spokeswoman Carole Puls said they agreed to lower the prices in exchange for a continuity-of-care agreement, where the amount of patients that remain on Zyprexa helps determine the drug price. In other words, Puls said the more people who stay on Zyprexa, the lower the company will sell the drug to the state. 'We are not trying to tell doctors that they have to keep their patients on a certain drug,' Puls said. 'It just leaves the door open for that'" (Gomez, 2005).

Zyprexa is not the only drug that has been put back on the preferred drug list. When it comes to mental health medications Depakote ER, Keppra, Lamictal, Trileptal and Zonegran have been put back on the list. This is an important change in the Medicaid battle in Florida. Hopefully this will mean that many of those with a mental illness will be able to continue the medication that was already working for them. At the very least, it allows more options.

Original Source: Fla. Medicaid, drug firm reach agreement on antipsychotic drug. Palm Beach Post. September 14, 2005. By Alan Gomez


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