January 25, 2006



Its so frustrating, going for several months doing well at work and then can hardly function from the depression, isolating at home and messing up attendance. I have bi-polar, never hospitalized but the depressing is ruining my relationships and careers, i have been fired from 3 jobs in the past 6 years for attendance, great work performance, it sucks.

Posted by: DEB at March 26, 2006 7:54 PM

There was an interesting article on this topic that just came out the other day that you may want to review, called "Personality and substance use disorders in young adults" that you may want to review: http//www.patientlinx.com/bipolar/index.cfm?bt=todaysnews&go=home

Posted by: healthywitch at April 18, 2006 6:48 AM

I have been diagonised as a bipolar
of depressive charecter.I was
quite okay till I entered into
a bad relationship with a girl
it caused me a lot of pain and
I broke up.I was in acute depre-
ion after that.medication didn,t
help.only alchohol helps.this is
true even now.I want your comments.Can medication be as
helpful as booze?those memories
will remain but when I take
medication the associative
depression and painremains.But when
I drink those thougts still
come but the associative
depression and pain reduces
by a remarlkable order.Can't
medication not work like this?.
I have ran from pillar to post
regarding the best pdocs in
town.but to no avail.I want
to get out of this.Please

Posted by: Amit Dasgupta at April 19, 2006 11:53 PM

My partner has just taken the first step to helping himself.
It is still early days & we dont even know if it is Bipolar Disorder that he is suffering from.
His family history has 4 generations of mental health & depression(grandfather, Uncle, cousin-hung himself, & his son) for some reason he has been refusing to admit that he has ever had a problem until now. It has only been 1 week since he first started to seek help & i have already noticed a difference in him, as long as he stops drinking which is a big part of his problem & keeps taking his medication.
He seems to be storing a lot of guilt and cant seem to find the courage to talk about what he has done to anyone other than me.
We have had quite a few episodes in the past but just recently they are getting more frequent, i think the breaking point for us, (& i say us because i feel that as his support i am definately going through his highs & lows as well),was when he drove around for several hours at night & didn't know where he was but apparently he was trying to buy a gun, when he got home the next day i went out into the shed & found a rope with a noose hanging up.
If he had gone to that much trouble to do that, then what else is he capable of doing?
I know he has depression & it is deffinately triggered by guilt but if he cant talk about it what chance has he got of starting to recover?

Posted by: Jayne at May 10, 2006 8:32 PM