June 10, 2006

Free Online Game to Reduce Social Stress, Improve Self Esteem

As we've reported in the past, research indicates that people who have bipolar disorder are more likely to suffer from social stress and have difficulty interpreting facial expressions. Additionally, research is suggesting that if you can lower the levels of social stress then people who have bipolar disorder will be less likely to relapse, and more likely to have good outcomes. There have also been research that suggests that bipolar disorder who have lower social stress have a lower risk of developing bipolar disorder.

There is a new free internet-based game that has been developed by psychiatric researchers at McGill University in Canada. The game has in at least one scientific study been proven to improve self esteem and lower social stress. It seems possible that this might also be of significant value to people who have bipolar disorder as well as family members. An advanced version is also available for purchase ($17.99) for download to your computer from the Mindhabits web site.

We encourage you to try the game (see below). After trying it for a week or two - leave us a comment below and let us know whether you find it helpful at all. To start, just click on the "Play the Game" button below, and then find the smiling face and click on it as fast as you can. You can play for as long and as frequently as you like.

The game was developed by a small company in Montreal named MindHabits, Inc. (founded by the researchers from McGill University).

Company: MindHabits, Inc.


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