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June 29, 2006

Bipolar Suffers Monitor Moods Online

An Australian study is attempting to use the internet as a tool for people with bipolar disorder to monitor mood swings and hopefully control the disease. This 12 month study will include 300 participants with bipolar disorder utilizing a specialized internet program to monitor their moods and receive advice on their individualized scores.

"We think constant support and advice online will help balance things out and make people feel like they're becoming an expert in their own illness," said Dr. Barnes of Sydneys Black Dog Institute. "Potentially, this type of online help can supplement traditional health care which is already stretched to meet community needs."

The research team will watch participants scores and notify their doctors if dangerous symptoms like suicidal thoughts are present. The internet program can also help with medication adherance.

Read the full article:
"Bipolar Suffers Monitor Moods Online." The Age. ( June 18, 2006.

Click here for PDF press release on this study.

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