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July 10, 2006

New Bipolar Novel, Written to Educate the Public, Dispel Myths

"The Province of Hope", by Mark Lee Kirchmeier, is a partly autobiographical novel about struggling with Bipolar Disorder. Kirchmeier felt that portrayal of Bipolar disorder in pop culture (television, films) was highly inaccurate and negative, which motivated him to write the book once he was able to manage his own illness with medication.

"It's about some of the pitfalls people with this illness seem to get into, particularly his obsession with his first love, even though he's not treated particularly well," Kirchmeier said. "And there's not a reciprocality that there would be in a healthy relationship."

Kirchmeier is an openly gay author, and the main character is a gay male. This is one of the few books dealing with Bipolar Disorder in the homosexual community.

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Gay Dallas author’s book explores bipolar disorder Dallas Voice ( July 10, 2006.


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