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July 11, 2006

Speaking Her Mind: Personal Recount of Bipolar Disorder, A 5 Part Series

Orange County reporter and 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist, Valerie Godines, creates a 5 part series about her experiences with Bipolar Disorder. She goes through her psychotic experiences, her desire to get help, and the treatments she endured.

Valerie Godines briefly discusses her struggle in this video.

Part 1: On Dec. 5, 2004, I killed my Daughter
Part 2: Treatment briefly clears the storm clouds
Part 3: Will extremem measures work where normal ones haven't?
Part 4: The illness is manifesting itself in ugly ways
Part 5: Can someone who has lost their mind reclaim her life?

The series includes video, stories, facts about her treatments, and discussion forums.

Part 1, 2, and 3 are already available. Part 4 will be up on Wednesday, and Part 5 on Thursday.

To view the series:

Speaking Her Mind Orange County Register (

Click to participate in the discussion forums, and speak with Valerie


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