July 18, 2006



There are some interesting points made in this article.

I agree that nurture could cause bipolar just as much as nature. Since the case isn't closed yet on this. However, the nature may cause the nurture to be a certain way to, in which case you'd have a double chicken or egg question. For instance, I think the bipolar in my family tree came from my mother's side. But I also think she has some obessive thinking, even when she was never diagnosed bipolar. Could obsessive thinking cause bipolar? Or could the bipolar gene cause both bipolar *and* obsessive thinking? Or does it take a combination of having the bipolar risk gene, *and* the nurture of obsessive thinking passed down as a mannerism?

I have 5 bros/sis's, and none are diagnosed with BP. I had a cousin who was I believe (he took his life so I can't call him to find out for sure.) Many of my bros / sis's chose professions that are good ones but relatively low stress compared to others. And I think this shows quite clearly that they unconsciously knew they needed low stress in life to remain healthy.

In my case, losing 5 jobs in 5 years after college started the overload of stress which I think set me on the downward spiral of aquiring bipolar. So in my case we can blame it on "the corporations" and their cut throat tendencies to add and remove employees just as any other "variable" expense. : )

Posted by: Jim G at October 17, 2006 12:21 AM

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