August 28, 2006



My son is locked up for attemped murder on his ex-wife serving 25yr sentance, he was sentanced in May of 2006. Since August he's been on 23hr lockdown. He's bipolar-which he was misdiagnosed as a child with ADHD. At he age of 8yrs old I had him tested for ADHD. From age 8 to 18 I had him in counceling and on medicine for ADHD. He was not diagnosed with Bipolar until he was sent to prison. he recently was put on medication Linthium and some other med for Bipolar. He refused meds after about 2wks because he said it made him feel negative. He went back to the Dr. and was told it not his job to keep trying different medicine. so for the past 3or 4wks he' hasn't been taking anything. I called DOC and spoke with his councelor regarding what the Dr. said and I was told they don't feel he needs medicine. which is a Lie, My son is very disturbed can anyone out there tell me how can i go about having my son treated. Even though he's in 23hr lockdown it's probly the safest place for him. Do to his medical condition my son would probly be killed in general population. Do to his disorder. He has a TV. My son was always troubled I did everything I could to make sure he received the proper care as he was growing up. But with the wrong diagnosis. I'm really afraid he's going to loose his mind. because schizophreina runs in my family, my mother, her mother, 2 of her brothers, 1 sister, 1 son, which is my big brother. I want my son to be accountable for his actions, at he same time I want him treated for his problem so he can get out of prison and live a productive life. please e-mail me with your positive input. my son is 23, he's been incarserated since 7/5/05. please e-mail me at

Posted by: Pam Davis at December 22, 2006 1:39 PM

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