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respected sir,

i love a bipolar patient.i want to marry i can support him to his life.pls give me advice

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In the UK there are more than two million people with chronic depression and fatigue equivalent to 1.5 percent of our population. Over the last two centuries, despite countless billions of tax payer’s money and billions of man hours of research, medical organizations around the world have not discovered the root cause, nor effective modalities of treatment for conditions such as post traumatic incident syndrome, depression, anxiety, panic, manic depression (Bi-polar disorder), postnatal depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychotic behaviour, psychosis and the hundreds of other mental and physical conditions that torment not only those suffering but, by interdependency, millions of healthy people worldwide.

The idea that how we behave and how we feel might be beyond our rational control is largely unbelievable to most healthy people. Such people are extremely fortunate as they have a stable, near central Assemblage Point. This idea is acceptable and can be easily comprehended by anyone us who has experienced any of the following:

1) Serious accident, bereavement, disease, fever, tragedy, chronic stress or depression.

2) Distressed or oppressed childhood, rape or sexual assault, violent intimidation. kidnapping, abduction, enslavement.

3) Self laceration, mutilation or poisoning, attempted suicide, substance and drug, indulgence, drug overdose, mental institution.

4) Mugging, robbery, burglary, fraud, identity theft.

5) Genocide, war, terrorism, homicide, torture, post military combat trauma, imprisonment.

6) Physical or psychological intimidation, interrogation, brainwashing.

7) Betrayal, financial or legal intimidation, blackmail, malicious divorce, bankruptcy, redundancy, home repossession, arrest, prosecution.

Under any of these circumstances many people can undergo a serious or seemingly permanent change of their mood or even a personality change. One common factor that many victims of traumatic incidents attempt to convey is that some inexplicable fundamental thing deep inside them has changed or shifted at the time of the incident. Many also report that no matter how hard they try, what medications and therapies they undertake, they are unable to return to their former health, state of mind, personality and good humour. They may also develop physical symptoms and illness. This may eventually lead to more serious disease.

The root cause is the position of our Assemblage Point. It is a pivotal force on our state of health and has a dominating effect on ‘how we feel’ and ‘how we behave’. Any of the above incident types can and do cause an involuntary shift of the Assemblage Point to a dangerous low location. To recover one’s former health and happiness, the Assemblage Point location must be shifted back to the centre of the chest.

This is explained and supported with 300 illustrations and true personal accounts in two books by Jon Whale entitled: The Catalyst of Power - The Assemblage Point Of Man and Naked Spirit. For a free informative demonstration see: For an even better information see:

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initially i don't know about bipolar.i fear about i came to about i feel free.i know,i can come out of this bipolar.
Dual Diagnosis
Dual Diagnosis

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how do i live and cope with a chronich depression dissorder laidy

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