September 1, 2006



It is in my opinion that this article is ver true and relates to 99.9 % of those who suffer from bipolar d/o.
Being a counselor i see this often. Also my wife suffers with this d/o and I can relate to ir first hand.

Posted by: john eldridge at September 20, 2006 10:12 AM

It's a shame that bipolars waste their time going to counselors when a *real* medical doctor is the appropriate treatment.

Posted by: me at April 5, 2008 5:30 PM

The REAL shame is that it is exceedingly difficult to find a phychiatrist that does both talk therapy and psychopharm. I live in NYC a city full of major medical centers and teaching hospitals, a MD that does both is a dying breed--I happened to get lucky. I pray every night he does not get hit by a truck! Additionally many psychiatrists no longer take insurance period. I found that out when "shopping" at Columbia University, they thought I was nuts for asking, pun not intended.

Now take my experience and turn it into suburbia or a small town, in that scenario it is even harder to find a psychiatrist at all, so one gets stuck maybe with an internist, hopefully one that has done some homework.

One last note. Almost a year ago I changed jobs and of course insurance companies. I must have called over 30 psychiatrists, telling them I was bipolar, on an MAOI and a working nurse, hardly anyone called. Then I changed my tact, all I left was my name and phone #, many called back but when I told them the details that I had left out I could feel ice crystals forming on the phone receiver. I got, "I don't have experience with MAOIs" Well, as far as I know as a lowly nurse, before you wrote that first Rx for lithium or prozac, you did not have experience with them either, right? As per one of my former psychiatrists, a real love, it was all about litigation. One on the phone shrink told me, "I have no interest in Bipolar!" Wow, talk about tact! Just what people with bipolar need, more stigma by the professionals. I have been unbelievably lucky to have had WONDERFUL, CARING doctors, but that is not always the case for many and that is sad.

The health care system in this country is a total sham. As a nurse I have seen all ends of the mess for 26 years and I want to vomit. Though my insurance may not cover the basin to hold it in!

Posted by: Barbara McCarthy at August 5, 2008 8:41 AM